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3 You should hold the racquet
3. Дръж ракетата така.
You have Lever House, Tennis and Racquet and you've got Seagram. That's a hell of a triumvirate.
Тук имаме Ливър хаус , Tennis and Racquet Club и Сийграм .
During the 18th century and early 19th century, as real tennis declined, new racquet sports emerged in England.
През XVIII и началото на XIX век кралският тенис губи популярност и в Англия се появяват нови спортове с ракета.
Before the conversation is over, he already came it. It's too long, this 4.3 seconds. Sunbae, do you want to try it holding a racquet?
Каза, че навременните ти действия са улеснили операцията.
When Mies was asked why did he set the building back so far, he said that he wanted to pay respect to the Racquet and Tennis Club directly across the street, that he did not want to overwhelm that great Italian Palazzo by McKim, Mead and White.
Когато попитали Мис защо е проектирал сградата толкова навътре, той отговорил, че искал да покаже уважението си към Tennis and Racquet Club отсреща. Не искал да засенчва сградата в италиански палацо стил.


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