Translation of "own a own" to Catalan language:


  Examples (External sources, not reviewed)

Own your own success.
Sigueu mestresses del vostre propi èxit .
We own a computer
We own a computer
I own a corporation.
Jo tinc una corporació.
You own a building?
Tens un edifici?
Own IP
IP pròpia
My own.
Own size
Mida pròpia
Own size
Mida pròpia
Own Numbers
Números propisPhonebook memory slot
Own Processes
Processos propis
own articles
articles propisdefault filter name
Own resources
Els recursos propis
My own!
El meu...!
my own.
el meu.
My own bed in my own room.
El meu propi llit a la meva habitació.
Load a your own DTEP .
Carrega el vostre propi DTEP .
Well, okay, you're a, you're a talented artist, you own your own business.
Bé, ets un artista de talent, tens el teu propi negoci.
I own John Watson's wife, I own Mycroft.
La dona d'en John Watson em pertany, en Mycroft em pertany.
Own nick color
Color del sobrenom propi
on his own?
pel seu compte?
Or her own.
O la seva.
Your own daughter.
La teva pròpia filla.
Just own it.
Make your own...
Personalitzeu lo...
Own Business Card
Targeta de negocis pròpiaSMS memory slot
abort own sessions
cancel la les sessions pròpiesafter timeout
My own seal.
El meu propi segell.
My own seal.
El meu propi segell .
On his own?
Ell sol? Sí.
Get your own!
Recolleixla tu mateix!
They own them.
Els posseeixen.
Eyes I own.
Amb els meus propis ulls.
You own horses?
És propietari de cavalls?
My own Ernest!
El meu Ernest!
My own one!
My own Ernest!
El meu Ernest.
My own love!
Amor meu.
My own age? !
La meva edat real?
Your own wife.
La teva pròpia dona.
My own concoction.
El meu propi beuratge.
On our own.
All my own.
Tota per a mi.
My own nephew?
El meu propi nebot?
on their own.
ells sols.
As your own.
Com més t'agradi.


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