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(a) To develop strategy for mine action
(a) 制订排雷行动战略
Work is under way to develop a comprehensive debt strategy.
I will do my part to help develop such a strategy.
The Chief Minister intends to develop a new strategy to combat crime.27
UNDP has produced a manual for country offices, How to develop a gender mainstreaming strategy'.
21. 开发计划署为各国家办事处印制了一本 两性平等主流化战略制定方法 手册
The United Nations should develop a strategy which makes human rights a permanent activity in Afghanistan.
120. 联合国应当制订出一项使人权成为阿富汗长期活动的战略
Once this has been achieved, the Division will develop a strategy to implement recommendation (b).
员额一旦填满 人力资源司将制定一项执行建议(b)的战略
The business plan indicated that UNCDF would develop a comprehensive business development strategy during 2005.
13. 业务计划指出 资发基金在2005年期间将制定一项 全面的业务发展战略
It should also develop a strategy that reflected the outcomes of the 2005 World Summit.
还应拟定一项战略 反映2005年世界首脑会议的成果
The assessments will help inform a coherent and sustainable strategy to develop a commercially viable fisheries sector.
In Swaziland, technical support was provided at a government workshop to develop a national disaster management strategy.
开发署还在一次政府工作会议上向斯威士兰提供了技术支持 帮助该国制定国家灾害管理战略
3. Develop overall funding strategy and approach for multi bilateral resources.
3. 制订筹资的总战略和对多双边资源采取的办法
Appreciation was also expressed for UNICEF efforts to help the Government develop a social protection strategy.
It stressed also the need for regional and subregional organizations to develop a regional protection strategy.
The Division for Public Administration and Development Management needs to develop a comprehensive resource mobilization strategy.
23. 像联合国公共服务奖这样的方案和本报告中所提议的改进措施 都需要大量资金才能有效地实施
11. A land use strategy must be designed to develop economic potential and ensure environmental sustainability.
11. 必须设计出一项土地使用战略发展经济潜力和确保环境可持续能力
One key strategy should be to develop a business process map for the collection of MDG indicators.
The Provisional Institutions need to develop a more effective strategy for court administration (including seeking donor support).
临时自治机构应该制订更为有效的法院管理战略 包括争取捐助
Her delegation therefore welcomed the decision to develop a comprehensive United Nations counter terrorism strategy without delay.
新西兰代表团因此欢迎作出决定 毫不拖延地拟订联合国全面反恐战略
It was incumbent on the National Commission to develop a strategy for a healthy dynamic between church and State.
Develop a comprehensive system wide strategy and action plan to integrate gender perspectives in all conflict prevention work.
A.1. 制订全系统通盘战略和行动计划,将社会性别观点纳入所有预防冲突工作
Undertake reforms that would permit the United Nations to develop a strategy to identify and study potential threats.
进行改革 让联合国拟定一个确定和研究潜在威胁的战略
The September outcome document also called on the General Assembly to develop and adopt such a comprehensive strategy.
We believe that the United Nations has a special responsibility to promote and develop a comprehensive strategy for combating terrorism.
我们认为 联合国负有促进和制订打击恐怖主义全面战略的特殊责任
A number of unofficial meetings needed to be held to develop a strategy for the work to implement its mandate.
The Executive Secretary should develop, for consideration and approval by the COP, a comprehensive information and communication technology strategy to support the proposed results based management strategy.
执行秘书应当拟订一项旨在支持拟议的注重成果的管理战略的全面的信息和通信技术战略 供缔约方会议审议并核准
As a result, the Commission stressed the need to develop a coherent strategy for enterprise development, with a particular focus on SMEs.
因此 委员会强调 需要为企业发展制订一项连贯一致的战略 这项战略应侧重中小企业
There was an urgent need to develop a comprehensive strategy to combat crime in all its forms and to gear instruments of international cooperation towards achieving that strategy.
迫切需要制定一项全面的战略 打击一切形式的犯罪 并且使国际合作机制朝着实现这一战略的方向发展
1.13 Efforts are being made to establish an inter agency coordination mechanism to develop a strategy in that area.
1.13 正在建立机构间协调机制 以发展一项相关战略
(a) The Division should develop a strategy to eliminate the backlog of non governmental organization applications awaiting review and quadrennial reports processing.
(a) 该司应制订战略 消除待审非政府组织的申请以及处理中的四年期报告的积压情况
It urges the State party to adopt necessary legislation and plans of action and develop a comprehensive anti trafficking strategy.
The main objective of the Strategy is to develop a pragmatic selection of substances groups of substances and prioritization mechanisms and to identify and develop relevant measures for reducing discharges.
As part of its post election priorities, UNMIL will work with the new Government and other partners to develop a national judicial reform strategy and a funding strategy for critical areas of reform.
46. 作为其选举后优先事项之一 联利特派团将同新政府和其他伙伴协作制定国家司法改革战略和改革之关键领域的筹资战略
Afghanistan must develop and implement this strategy in close cooperation with transit and recipient States.
(i) The need to develop an overall information management strategy to the United Nations system
(i) 为联合国系统拟定全面的信息管理战略
(ii) Implementation of the International Development Strategy for the Fourth United Nations Develop ment Decade
㈡ 联合国第四个发展十年国际发展战略 的执行情况
(ii) Implementation of the International Develop ment Strategy for the Fourth United Nations Development Decade
㈡ 联合国第四个发展十年国际发展战略 的执行情况
(ii) Implementation of the International Development Strategy for the Fourth United Nations Develop ment Decade
㈡ 联合国第四个发展十年国际发展战略 的执行情况
UNOCI has set up a working group to develop a strategy for dealing with sexual exploitation and abuse, including prevention and enforcement measures.
73. 联科行动已经成立了一个工作组 制定处理性剥削和虐待问题的战略 包括预防措施和执法措施
UNICEF and WHO, with other partners, worked during 2004 to develop a Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS) for 2006 2015.
66. 2004年儿童基金会和卫生组织与其它伙伴一起协作 编写了2006 2015年全球免疫远景规划和战略 免疫远景规划和战略
(c) Assisting the Committee in coordinating the implementation of the work plan to develop a comprehensive, worldwide environmental monitoring strategy (para.
(c) 协助委员会协调工作计划的执行 以制定综合性的全球环境监测战略 第243段
The Government has yet to develop a strategy and formulate policies to deal with the wide range of medical moral issues.
quot 政府仍然有待于制订一种战略和拟定各种政策来处理范围广泛的医疗道德问题
The Division should develop an information strategy to publicize more effectively its initiatives on public administration.
公发司应拟订一项新闻战略 以期更有效地宣传其公共行政倡议
Considering that an international effort is necessary to develop an effective strategy on responsible crime prevention,
Work programme (WP) Activity 1.1 Develop a clear communication strategy between the activities of the GoE, end users and the research community
工作方案活动1.1 制定专家组 最终用户 以及一般研究机构的活动之间的明确的通信战略 (协调员 D. Mouat博士)


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