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Presumption of innocence
the presumption of innocence
(c) Presumption of innocence
(c) 无罪推定
Substantive issues Presumption of innocence
实质性问题 无罪推定
...youth quality of stirring innocence...
I am convinced of your innocence.
He convinced me of his innocence.
Tom maintained his innocence.
I am fully convinced of your innocence.
The right to the presumption of innocence
1. 无罪推定的权利
What will satisfy you of my innocence?
Innocence is a beautiful thing.
Why are you feigning innocence!
Mr. Narcisse maintains his innocence.
Your frank innocence disarms me.
The jury decides questions of guilt or innocence.
判决都下了 难道你不服判决
He's tried to persuade us of your innocence.
Maybe there's an innocence to it.
Defendants enjoy the presumption of innocence until definitive sentence.
2. 在最终宣判前 被告享有无罪推定的权利
(iii) The presumption of innocence in favour of the accused.
This finds its explanation in the presumption of innocence principle.
Well, what is it you want, proof of Manny's innocence?
你要怎么证明 曼尼是清白
. . if you believe in the innocence of Elmer Gantry... Yes!
如果你们相信甘特襄是清白的 相信
If these help prove my client's innocence,
如果这些信能证明 我的委托人是无辜
Has grown up... has grown beyond innocence
已经长大 已经不再天真无邪
(c) Introduction of the concept of presumption of innocence of the accused
实行了被告 quot 无罪推定 quot 概念
But I sort of there is an innocence in these animals.
但是 它们身上也有一种纯真
See DPIC SUMMARY The Innocence Protection Act of 2004 at
140 联合王国外交和联邦事务部 2004年度人权报告 英文本第190页
I have a firm belief in his innocence.
There is no doubt as to her innocence.
I can see intangible things. For example, innocence.
我能预知未来的事 例如 被冤枉
The department contributed towards establishing your father's innocence.
也有警局的功劳 才能让你爸爸无罪释放
My lawyer has to believe in my innocence.
I fought for my innocence. It was revenge.
我是为我的清白打架的 那是复仇
It went as far as to feign a sort of juvenile innocence.
And tenderness from Us, and innocence. He was devout.
与从我发出的恩惠和纯洁 他是敬畏的
And tenderness from Us, and innocence. He was devout.
與從我發出的恩惠和純潔 他是敬畏的
Tomek Zaleska, protesting his innocence, surrendered to the police.
托梅克 泽雷斯卡去警方自首, 声明自己无罪
The Women's Rights Association, apart from granting the aforementioned annual journalism award, submits, jointly with other women's organizations, protestations concerning the degrading presentation of women, through advertising spots.
妇女权利联盟 除了上述年度新闻工作者颁奖之外 还和其他妇女组织一起 通过广告抗议诋毁妇女形象的行为
Look at the innocence. Look at the beauty in it.
看看其中的童真 看看它的美
The overwhelming majority of inmates were unconvicted persons, supposedly benefiting from the presumption of innocence.
绝大多数囚犯是未受判决的人 理应受益于假定无罪规定
It's time to set all the symbols aside, the echoing of purity, innocence, escape.
是时候放下包袱了 轻松的 清白的 放弃吧
Judge me and let all men know my guilt or innocence.
请为我裁决 让所有人知道我是有罪抑或无辜
I'm afraid your youth and innocence would get you off, though.
恐怕你的青春与天真 要把你拖下水了
It can be achieved out of innocence, or arrogance, or out of selfishness, sometimes out of carelessness.
它可以通过无辜 或是傲慢 或是自私 有时会是粗心大意


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