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She's served her purpose.
What for? I've served my purpose!
你要见我干嘛 我的任务已经达成
The NEPAD peer review mechanism served this purpose.
In victory, the military will have served its purpose.
当胜利来临 军队便完成任务
No, Treblinka has already served its purpose. It's done with
不,特雷布林卡已经 达到目标了,没有用了
Others thought it served no useful purpose and might be misleading.
And while this machine in some sense is silly, in retrospect, it actually served a very important purpose.
虽然从某些角度来说这台机器有点可笑 但回顾起来 它实际上有一个非常重要的用途
Breakfast is served. Lunch is served. Dinner...
早餐铃声 午餐铃声 晚餐...
No useful purpose is served by diverting the attention and efforts of the international community away from existing threats to such hypotheticals.
The institution served its purpose, and eventually developed into other institutions suited to meet evolving requirements.
Dinner is served.
Dinner is served.
Luncheon is served.
Dinner is served.
Dinner is served.
Dinner is served.
Verification also served its essential purpose of creating pressure for the parties to comply with their commitments.
6 联危核查团浩繁的工作大大影响了公众的辩论 为危地马拉的行动者和捐助界提供了知情的分析 并为本着各项和平协定的精神改革政府政策和体制提出了建议
Madame, luncheon is served.
小姐 午饭准备好了
Dinner is served, madame.
入席了 夫人
Dinner is served, Madame.
Dinner is served, madam.
晚餐準備好了 夫人
Dinner is served, please.
晚饭准备好了 请用餐
Dinner is served, gentlemen.
各位 可以用餐了
Dinner is served sir.
开饭了 先生.
Dinner is served ma'am.
开饭了 夫人
The view was expressed, however, that draft article D, and more specifically paragraph (2), served a useful purpose.
116. 但是 有人则表示 D条草案 特别是第(2)款有其用处
What time is dinner served?
Your breakfast is served, father.
Dinner is served, Professor Borg.
波尔格教授 饭已经准备好了
Dinner is served, Miss Ashby.
晚餐准备好了 阿什比小姐
When and where is breakfast served?
Lunch is served, Doctor. Good, Therese.
午饭准备好了 大夫 好的 特蕾莎
Mrs., the meal is served. Lunch is ready !
夫人 晚餐准备好了 晚餐准备好了
(a) Work should commence from scratch , with the provisions of existing international space law being discarded as having served their purpose
(a) 应当 从头 开始 现有国际空间法的条文已完成其使命 应予废弃
The checkpoint near Tibnin would be dismantled as it no longer served its purpose, with several roads running parallel to the checkpoint.
Tibnin附近的检查站将会撤消 因为有好几条路与检查站平行 使检查站失去作用
Dinner is served, ma'am. Thank you, Edith.
一晚餐已经准备好了 夫人 一谢谢 伊迪丝
Tea is served, sir, on the terrace.
茶已备好 先生 在阳台上
That is, I served you and you served your sultan Abdul Hamid, the shadow of God on Earth.
我为你服务. 而你为你的苏丹服务... ...阿卜杜勒
Father, it's seven o'clock and dinner is served.
What is served for lunch, do you know?
So Turkey must wonder what purpose is to be served by courting the West. Why resume, under US pressure, a nearly normal dialogue with Israel if the outcome is to be abandoned, if not betrayed, by American policy?
于是 土耳其必须思索讨好西方究竟有什么好处 如果结局是被美国抛弃 如果不是背叛的话 为什么还要在美国的压力下重启与以色列的最新正式对话
It is also important that sentences be served inside Rwanda.
Ladies and gentlemen, coffee is served in the Yellow Pavilion.
该起来了吧 已经准备好咖啡了
Dinner's served.
Dinner's served!
fnSTKaiti fs21 shad1 pos(192,285) b0 晚餐好了


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