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Liberalization gives rise to competition and, with it, efficiency and quality service at lower cost.
62. 自由化引起竞争 随之还提高效率和以较低的成本得到高质量的服务
This service, however, has a cost that should be recognized.
Those designs excelled at delivering to metropolitan consumers the greatest value in terms of cost per unit bandwidth, but were not very cost effective when it came to rural service.
这些设计的优越性是可为都市消费者带来每单位带宽投资的最高价值 但开展农村地区的业务则成本效率不高
It produces 50 60 dramas a month its value chain produces faster service at low cost and it understands its market.
该国每个月生产50 60台戏剧 其价值链以低成本提供快速服务 该国了解其市场
This estimate covers the cost of external audit service for the Force.
6. Cost accounting in not for profit service organizations is quite different.
6. 非赢利性服务组织的成本会计法大不相同
However, while private sector service providers can be made more accountable for providing good service at reasonable cost, they generally cannot bear the burden of subsidizing consumers, which remains a public responsibility.
但是 尽管可以加强私营部门服务提供者在以合理的价格提供良好的服务方面的问责制 但是他们通常无法承担为消费者发放补贴的负担 发放补贴依然是政府的责任
The Westlink service allows the distribution of teaching and learning programmes at a fraction of the normal commercial cost associated with satellite transmission.
Schedule III. Annual cost of living adjustments by main duty station (General Service)
附表三. 按主要工作地点开列的年生活费调整数 一般事务人员
Schedule III. Annual cost of living adjustments by main duty station (General Service)
附表三. 各主要工作地点的年生活费调整数(一般事务人员)
Schedule III Annual cost of living adjustments by main duty station (General Service)
The Icelandic State Social Security Service also participates in the cost of medicines.
A new service had been contracted with another vendor at a cost of 2,354 per flight hour, double the rate charged by Aviation Assistance.
已与另一个供应商签订了新服务合同 费用为每飞行小时2 354美元 比航空援助公司贵一倍
53. Attention had to be given to the debt problems of middle income countries which had continued to service their debt at heavy cost.
53. 还必须重视中等收入国家的债务问题 它们正在以很大代价偿付债务
Provision of 6,000 is made for the cost of replacing accoutrements, blue berets and United Nations decals for contingent personnel and uniforms for local and Field Service personnel at a cost of 500 per month
所列经费6 000美元用于更换特遣队人员的配备 蓝色帽子和联合国标志和当地工作人员及外勤事务人员的制服的费用,每月费率500美元
Figure 18 Cost of management of the Fund's portfolio by the Investment Management Service
图18 投资管理处的基金组合管理费用
Schedule III Annual cost of living adjustments by main duty station (General Service) (Percentage)
We looked at cost.
At your service.
At special service?
At your service.
At your service.
at your service.
克里夫凡伟伦 普莱斯考特小姐 听从你吩咐
At your service.
At your service!
At your service.
The revised cost estimate relates primarily to requirements for the logistic support service contract and is based on actual recorded expenditure until 31 December 1997 and projected requirements at an average cost of 1,350,270 per month.
订正费用估计数主要充作后勤支助事务合同所需经费,根据截至1997年12月31日的实际入帐开支和预计所需经费平均每月1 350 270美元计算
(a) Focus on markets, clients, service lines and portfolios that allow for full cost recovery.
(a) 注重可让项目厅回收全部费用的市场 客户 服务种类和组合
The variance of 266,200 reflects the cost of the pilot project in the Procurement Service.
4 一般事务 (其他职等) a
This service is considered to be widely available, efficient and cost effective in these regions.
据认为 运输服务在这些地区得到广泛利用 效率高而且成本效益好
The cost estimate provides for requirements for the support service contract at an average cost of 1,349,400 per month, based on the actual terms of the one year contract that came into effect on 19 January 1998.
费用估计数是为支助事务合同提供所需经费,根据1998年1月19日生效的一年合同条款,平均每月费用为1 349 400美元
The interventionist nature of the Customs function inevitably places the Customs service at odds with traders, whose primary goal is rapid delivery or receipt of their merchandise at the lowest cost.
由于海关职能具有干预性质 海关服务必然会与贸易者相抵触 因为贸易者的主要目的是以最低费用迅速送交或收到商品
Current application external service providers rarely take over non standard, non commercial systems, and, therefore, at this stage it would not be a cost effective solution.
目前应用软件的外部服务提供者很少接手非标准 非商业化的系统 因此 在这一阶段 这将不是一个具有成本效益的解决办法
DAMA is a flexible, pay as you use service, offering improved connectivity at a low cost, while providing a complete digital solution for thin route operators.
按需分配多路存取是一种灵活的随用付费服务 成本低 连通更为方便 同时又为稀路由接线员提供了一种完全数字式的解决方法
UNRWA for its part must review its management practices in the light of the new situation, with a view to providing better service at lower cost.
I'm at your service!
At your service, Monsieur.
At your service, madam.
尤吉尼奥 尤吉尼奥
Always at your service.
Always at your service.
女士 我們時刻為您服務
I'm at your service...
At your service, excellency!
It was proposed to abolish 51 local level posts, together with two General Service posts at the New York Information Centres Service, one P 4 and two General Service posts at the Geneva Information Service, and one General Service post at the Vienna Information Service.
提议取消51个当地职等员额,以及纽约新闻中心处两个一般事务员额,日内瓦新闻处一个P 4员额和两个一般事务员额,和维也纳新闻处一个一般事务员额
In 1995 there were 4,432 in service training contracts under the programme, at a cost of 2.4 million dinars, with 59.6 per cent of participants finding employment
1995年 在方案下执行了4,432个在职培训合同 总费用240万第纳尔 其中59.6 的参加者找到了工作
The major issue concerning section 30 was that of after service health insurance, the cost of which had increased at a rate higher than that of inflation.


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