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The Working Group was reminded of its earlier discussion concerning consumer issues and the liability of a certification authority and the possible limitations or exclusions of liability pursuant to national law or the certification authority apos s certification practice statement.
110. 有人提醒工作组 它曾经讨论过消费者问题和验证局的赔偿责任以及国家法律或验证局的验证做法说明中所规定的赔偿责任的可能限度或排除这种赔偿责任的情况
Nature of liability
Limits of liability
Latvia (criminal liability) and Mexico (liability in general).
71 拉脱维亚 刑事责任 和墨西哥 一般责任
Criminal liability of migrants
Liability of legal persons
Minimum standard of liability
Liability of the Tribunal
G. 法庭的赔偿责任
J. Question of liability
J. 赔偿责任问题
Reservations were expressed, however, about the possibility that a certification authority might avoid liability for its own negligence by virtue of liability exemption clauses or disclaimers contained in the certification practice statement or in any other document issued by that certification authority.
但是有人有保留地认为 验证局有可能利用验证实践说明或验证局印发的任何其他文件中所载的免除赔偿责任条款或解除条款 逃避因本身的过失而承担的赔偿责任
Liability of legal corporate persons
Questions were raised concerning the nature of the liability of the certification authority, in particular whether such liability would be based on negligence or whether it would be defined as strict liability , a notion which was also referred to as objective liability or no fault liability .
56. 有人询问验证局赔偿责任的性质 尤其是这种责任是以过失为依据 还是把它定义为 quot 严格赔偿责任 quot 这个概念也称为 quot 客观赔偿责任 quot 或 quot 无过失赔偿责任 quot
Liability insurance
Liability Accounts
Liability accounts
In some cases, such liability extends to liability for environmental damage.
在某些情况下 这种责任扩大到对环境损失负有责任
Such liability is incurred without prejudice to the criminal liability of individuals having committed the offences.
二 这些责任不影响实施犯罪的个人的刑事责任
Lynn Verinsky Because of liability insurance.
Lynn Verinsky 因为我买了保险
Liability of legal persons (art. 10)
6. 法人责任(第10条)
Requiring personal financial liability of staff
F. 要求工作人员承担财务责任
Thirty seven States reported having established criminal liability of legal persons, either as the only form of liability (nine States) or together with civil or administrative forms of liability (or both).
53. 三十七个国家7报告 已规定了法人的刑事责任 要么作为唯一的责任形式(九个国家) 要么与民事责任或行政责任(或两者)配合使用
Channelling liability to a single entity, whether operator or owner, was the hallmark of strict liability regimes.
将赔偿责任归结到一个单一的实体 不论是经营者还是所有人 是严格的责任制度的最明显特征
2. Liability The Working Group based its discussion of the liability of certification authorities on the following draft provision
51. 工作组根据下列条款草案讨论了验证局的赔偿责任
Models of existing liability and compensation regimes revealed that State liability was more of an exception than the rule.
现有的各种赔偿责任和赔偿制度模式显示 国家的赔偿责任与其说是规则 不如说是例外
(c) Aviation liability
(c) 航空赔偿责任
(d) Demining liability.
(d) 排雷赔偿责任
Corporate criminal liability
法人 刑事 责任
1972 Liability Convention
Corporate criminal liability
France submitted a draft addressing the statement of objectives, definitions, scope of application, offences and sanctions, jurisdiction, identification, freezing, seizure and confiscation, liability of corporate entities, and prosecution, sentencing and adequate sanctions.
法国提交的一份草案是关于目标的陈述 定义 适用范围 违法行为和制裁措施 司法管辖权 身份识别 冻结 扣押和没收 公司实体的责任 以及起诉 判刑和适当的制裁
We thought of people as a liability.
Present value of Accrued future benefits liability
Another possibility for limiting the liability consisted in excluding liability for certain types of damages, such as consequential damages.
66. 限制赔偿责任的另一种可能是将某些类别的损失 例如 quot 间接 quot 损失的赔偿责任排除在外
VI. Demining liability policy
六. 排雷赔偿责任保险 44 50 9
VII. Aviation liability policy
七. 航空赔偿责任保险 51 9
Third party liability insurance
3. Liability and insurance
3. 责任和保险
Rescue Agreementb Liability Conventionc
Note 10. Contingent liability
说明10 或有债务
B. Liability for service
B. 有服役义务的人员
(b) Liability for service
2. Liability for service
2. 有服役义务的人员
Note 3. Contingent liability
附注3. 或有负债
Fourthly, liability principles should be based primarily on civil liability, and a liability regime ought consequently to impose liability on the operator in addition, there should be appropriate financial guarantees as proposed in draft principle 4.
第四 赔偿责任原则应以民事责任为主要依据 因此 责任制度应将责任归咎于经营者 另外 如原则4草案提议那样 应有适当的财政担保


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