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George comes from the socalled lower class, Dexter from the upper.
乔治属于那种 底层阶级 德克斯特属于class='bold'>上层
By these criteria, Argentina became an upper middle income country all the way back in 1970, and then spent 40 years stuck in that category before reaching high income status in 2010. Greece joined the international upper middle class in 1972, and then took 28 years to reach the top income group, in 2000.
根据这些标准 阿根廷在1970年便已成为中class='bold'>上class='bold'>收入国家 此后花了40年直到2010年才打到高class='bold'>收入标准 希腊在1972年加入国际中class='bold'>上阶级行列 然后花了28年直到2000年才进入最高class='bold'>收入class='bold'>类别
Sir, do you still have class with the Upper School today? Yes, why?
Upper middle income GNI per capita between 2,936 and 9,075.
中高class='bold'>收入 人均国民总class='bold'>收入在2 936美元与9 075美元之间
This is from Virgin Atlantic upper class, it's the cruet salt and pepper set.
这是在维珍大西洋航班的头等舱里 这是盐和胡椒调味瓶
A per capita income of more than 7,000 places us squarely among upper middle income countries.
我们人均class='bold'>收入超过了7 000美元 跻身中class='bold'>上class='bold'>收入国家之列
The girls, well, yes... This is the Upper School class of the girl's school next door.
老师 很不错
By World Bank classification, 34 government donors were high income countries, 19 were upper middle income, 26 were lower middle income and 19 were low income countries.
按照世界银行的分class='bold'>类 34个政府捐助者是高class='bold'>收入国家 19个是中高class='bold'>收入国家 26个是中低class='bold'>收入国家 19个是低class='bold'>收入国家
1977 1980 Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Statistics (Upper Second Class Honours), Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
1977 1980쓪 컚룉듯뾲엁삭,십뾭샗샗듳톧,뺭볃뫍춳볆톧톧쪿(뗚뛾폅
(b) Crimes against women were under reported especially in favelas, the poorer areas and in upper class neighbourhoods
对妇女的犯罪没有全部报案 特别是在 quot Favelas quot 贫民区 和class='bold'>上层住宅区
Persons belonging to the upper class have hired private security staff, to whom they have given offensive weapons.
属于class='bold'>上层阶级的人雇用私人保安人员 并给予他们进攻性武器
Superintendent, that will be just fine. In fact Professor Kray has chemistry right now with his Upper School class.
A related issue is burden sharing among high and upper middle income countries contributions remain inequitable.
174. 一个相关问题是高class='bold'>收入和中高class='bold'>收入国家之间的 费用分担 捐助仍然不均衡
I couldn't just stay in Seattle and raise my kids in an upper middle class neighborhood and feel good about it.
我不能只是呆在西雅图抚养我的孩子 住在中class='bold'>上阶级的社区里沾沾自喜
However, you pick them up and underneath, actually engraved in the metal, are the words, Stolen from Virgin Atlantic Airways upper class.
然而 当你拿起它们时 会发现底座刻着这样的话 盗于维珍大西洋航班头等舱
Botswana upper middle income country in southern Africa, democratic government, good economy, and this is what happened there.
博茨瓦纳 南部非洲中class='bold'>上class='bold'>收入国家 民主政府 经济也不错 来看看这里的情况
Upper Takutu Upper Essequibo
class='bold'>上塔库图 class='bold'>上埃塞奎博guyana. kgm
The World Bank country groups by income have been used for this classification the developed group comprises the high income economies the developing group comprises the low , lower middle and upper middle income economies.
世界银行按class='bold'>收入划分的国家组别 发达国家组 系由高class='bold'>收入经济体组成 发展中国家组 系由低 中低及中高class='bold'>收入经济体组成
One must not forget that even after a period of stagnation, the middle class in rich countries remains an upper class from a global perspective. Only about 15 of the world s population lives in developed economies.
我们决不能忘记 哪怕经历了一段时间的停滞 富裕国家的中产阶级在全球范围内仍属于class='bold'>上层阶级 全球只有15 的人口生活在发达国家 但发达国家占据了全球消费和资源消耗的40 强 诚然 增加富人税收有助于减轻一国内部的不平等性 但这无法解决发展中国家深度贫困的问题
It is felt that violence in upper class families is less reported or recognized because of the stigma attached to reporting to the police.
人们感觉class='bold'>上层社会家庭中的暴力行为报案的情况较少 也不公开 因为向警察报案会带来污点
Class. Class!
同学们 同学们!
Class, class.
同学们, 同学们
I'm fed up with the power that a few exert over the many through gender, income, race, and class.
我再也受不了少数人操纵多数人 通过性别 class='bold'>收入 种族和阶级的手段
大写Filename to lowercase
Class, class, please.
同学们, 同学们, 安静
There are an increasing number of middle income developing countries characterized by their world class technologies and rapidly growing economies.
拥有世界水平的技术和实现经济快速增长 已经成为越来越多的中等class='bold'>收入发展中国家的特点
(iii) Joint venture housing programme, encouraging private developers to invest in house construction for the benefit of middle and upper middle income earners
联合经营住房方案 鼓励私营开发者投资有益于中等和中高等class='bold'>收入家庭的住房建造
You're class, real class
你档次很高, 真正的档次...
All right, class. Class!
好了, 同学们 同学们!
One negative consequence is the persistent deepening of income inequality. The Gini coefficient of per capita income has surpassed 50 (with 100 representing maximal inequality), putting China in the upper quartile of inequality worldwide.
中国政府是生产导向的 这样做的好处是有利于维持GDP的高增长率 但坏处同样明显 其中之一是class='bold'>收入不平等性的持续恶化 人均class='bold'>收入基尼系数已经超过了50 100代表最大程度的不平等 这意味着中国已经步入世界class='bold'>上最不平等的四分之一国家行列
Upper Lofa
Bitrate Upper
Upper limit
Upper Austria
class='bold'>上奥地利austria. kgm
Upper Carniola
class='bold'>上奥地利afghanistan. kgm
Upper Nile
class='bold'>上奥地利asia. kgm
Upper boundary
Upper total
Upper Sorbian
Upper Bitrate
Upper limit


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