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Pixel Airbrush
Once again I should stress that the aim here is not, of course, to airbrush important and terrible episodes out of our history.
Taaskord peaksin rõhutama, et siin pole muidugi eesmärgiks ilustada meie ajaloo olulisi ja hirmsaid episoode.
Out! Out! Out!
Out, out, out.
Välja, välja.
OUT, out!
VÄLJA, välja!
Out. Out!
Välja. välja!
Out! Out!
Välja siit!
Out, out.
Out, out.
Välja, välja.
Look out, look out, look out, look out. It's Charlie. It's Charlie.
Vaata ette, vaata ette, see on Charlie!
Out! Get out!
Ära... ära... ära...!
She's out. Out?
Out, out! Move!
Out, baby. Out!
Välja, välja lapsuke!
Okay, out. Out you come. Out you come.
Hästi, välja nüüd, välja nüüd.
Look out, look out!
Vaata ette, vaata ette!
Lights out. Lights out.
Tuled maha!
Look out! Look out!
Vaadake ette!
Get out, get out!
Kaduge välja!
Lemme out! Lemme out!
Laske mind siit välja!
Look out, look out.
Vaata ette, vaata ette
Get out! Get out!
Tule välja!
Cut out, cut out.
Välja, Kao ära!
Get out. Climb out.
Noh, ronige alla.
Coming out. Coming out.
Hakkame pihta.
Out, out, brief candle.
Välja, küünal pisikene.
Watch out, watch out.
Vaata ette, vaata ette.
Get out. Get out.
Käige välja!
Get out and stay out!
Kao välja ja ära tagasi tule!
Let's move out! Moving out!
Look out, Master! Look out!
Peel out. What? Peel out.
Lase ketsi.
Come out, potatoes! Come out!
Tulge välja, kartulid!
Spread out! Everybody spread out!
Hargnege laiali, kõik laiali!
Out of there, out! You coward!
Tule välja, paksuke!
I'll find out. Good, find out.
Kohe selgitan välja.
Blow them out. Blow them out.
Sing out! sing out every time!
Sing out! Hüüab iga kord!
Zoom out Zoom out by one.
Vähenda Vähendab ühe astme võrra.
Cut it out! Cut it out!
Jäta järele!
Get out of here! Get out!
Everybody out who gets out here?
Kas kõik saavad ikka välja?
You too. Get out. Get out!
Mõlemad, välja.
Put that out! Put what out?
Kustuta see ära!


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