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Alimony advance under the Act on Proceedings Against Alimony Debtors and Alimony Advance.
Alimentide ettemakse vastavalt alimendivõlgnike vastaste menetluste ja alimentide ettemaksete seadusele.
Alimony received (3)
Saadavad alimendid (3)
If she ever remarries, the alimony stops.
Ja kui ta peaks uuesti abielluma, on elatisega kõik.
Was the right to receive alimony established?
Kas oli õigus saada alimente?
Alimony paid in favour of other persons (4)
Makstavad alimendid (4)
These days love is marriage and the compensation is alimony.
Meie päevil on armastus abielu ja alimendid.
The complainant pays alimony to his ex wife who lives in France.
Kaebuse esitaja maksis elatisraha oma endisele naisele, kes elas Prantsusmaal.
Of course, alimony, you know, paying a girl so much every week.
Alimente jah, lepitusraha tüdrukutele.
When I send my exwife her alimony, you can lick the stamps.
Kui ma saadan oma endisele naisele elatisraha, saad sina marke lakkuda.
According to the complainant, if he lived in France, the alimony would be deductible.
Kaebuse esitaja väitis, et kui ta elaks Prantsusmaal, saaks ta elatusraha oma maksustatud tulust maha arvata.
In California, when two fags split up, one's got to pay the other alimony.
Kui seal lillad lahku lähevad, peab üks teisele elatisraha maksma.
Examples are custody matters, alimony and all such issues that are connected in this case too.
Sellega on seotud ka näiteks hooldusõigus, alimendid ja kõik muud sellised küsimused.
Yeah well, it wont pay the electric bills or the alimony I send to your mother.
Tead, selle eest elektriarvet ei maksa või alimente sinu emale.
He complained about the fact that, in Hungary, the alimony is not deductible from his taxable income.
Ta kaebas, et Ungaris ei ole tal võimalik elatusraha oma maksustatud tulust maha arvata.
I sweat to pay my exwife alimony, and she's living on the other side of the world somewhere.
Rabelen, et maksta oma endisele naisele elatisraha, tema elab aga maailma teises otsas.
Then we get a quick annulment, he makes a nice settlement on me and I keep gettin' those alimony cheques every month.
Siis me lahutame kiiresti, ta maksab mulle kenakese summa ja jätkab mulle igakuise elatisraha maksmist!
If yes, please enclose a court order or agreement in court or any other official document, which is the ground for awarded alimony.
Kui jah, siis palun lisage kohtuotsus või kohtulik kokkulepe või mõni muu ametlik dokument, mille alusel alimente maksti.
a divorced spouse is treated the same as a widow or widower if an insuree who has suffered an accident was obliged to pay him or her alimony.
lahutatud abikaasa on lesega võrdsustatud juhul, kui õnnetuseohvrist kindlustatul oli kohustus talle elatist maksta.
In Poland the right to a survivor s pension have also both separated and divorced spouses, if they had the right to receive alimony by Court order or agreement in Court, also parents (including stepfather, stepmother).
Poolas on toitjakaotuspensioni saamise õigus ka lahus elavatel ja lahutatud abikaasadel, kui neil on kohtuotsuse või kohtuliku kokkuleppe alusel õigus saada elatist, samuti vanematel (sealhulgas kasuisal, kasuemal).


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