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One of the pursuers poured petrol over the thief and set him alight.
Üks tagaajaja kallas varga bensiiniga üle ja pani ta põlema.
As President Uribe has said, President Chávez wants to set the continent alight.
Nagu ütles president Uribe, tahab president Chávez kontinenti põlema panna.
In some places forests are set alight, in others they are obliterated or they are quite simply stolen.
Mõnes piirkonnas on metsad pandud põlema, teises hävitatud või lihtsalt varastatud.
But even before I can alight the steps of the mosque there is someone to reach me home.
Niipea, kui ma sammud moshee poole sätin, tuleb alati keegi ja viib mind koju.
There in the gloaming they sat, their faces alight with mischief, but all the while his heart was singing.
Seal nad istusid õhtuhämaruses, nende näod olid täis kavalust, aga koguaeg tema süda laulis.
Madam President, what a relief that they have stopped burning heretics or I would be well and truly alight by now.
Austatud juhataja! Milline kergendus, et ketsereid enam tuleriidale ei saadeta!
Come, come, come, come now.
Mine ikka.
Come, come, come.
Tule ruttu! Mu kingad!
Come, come, come.'
Tulge, tulge.'
Come, come, come.
Tulge. Tulge.
Come, come, come.
Nii. Istuge.
Come, come, come, Georgieboy.
Lase tulla, lase tulla, Georgiepoiss.
Badger come, marten come. Crow come, mouse come.
Mäger tuleb, kaljukass tuleb, vares tuleb, hiir tuleb.
Don't you remember?' 'Ah, okay, come, come, come, come.'
'Aa, okei, tule, tule.'
Come, come, come. Up, up, up.
Tõuse nüüd.
Come, come, come, my little droogies.
Tulge, tulge, tulge, mu väiksed sõbrad.
Come here, come here, come here!
Tule siia!
Come on. Come on, come on!
No kuule, tule kohe siia.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Käed üles!
Come on, come on. Come on!
Ära muretse.
Come on, come on, Come on!
Maast lahti!
Come, come!
Tule, tule!
Come, come.
Come, come!
Siia, Herakles!
Come, come.
Esine, esine.
Come, come!
Mis sa nüüd!
Come, come.
Tule. Tule.
Come, come!
Tule koos minuga.
Come. Come.
Come. come.
Jäta nüüd.
Come, come.
Rahu, rahu.
Come. Come.
Come, come.
Teen teid oma sõbrannaga tuttavaks. Tulge siia!
Come, come.
Lähme, lähme.
Come on, come on, blackie... come on...
Must! Musti. Musti.
Come on. Come on, now. Come on.
Jäta, jäta.
Come, come, Kitty.
Tule, Kitty!
Come on, come.
Mis on? Tule ometi!
Come, come, now.
Tule siia.
Hey, come. Come!
Come, come, man!
Lase käia, mees!
Come, come, Sikes.
Jäta, Sikes.
Come, come here.
Tule siia.
Come on. Come.
Tule, tule.


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