Translation of "academic affiliation" to Hindi language:


  Examples (External sources, not reviewed)

Activism is a whole other education, outside of this narrow education you sometimes get in Cambridge, being taught to think in an academic way, disconnected from the real world.
ऐक ट व ज़ म एक प र णत द सर तरह क श क ष ह , उस स क र ण श क ष स अलग ज क म ब र ज म ज य द तर म लत ह
I have a two year old son, Imran,and, obviously I care about what his academic experience the future of learning is going to look like, and I'm hoping that when he's five or six, he goes to a classroom that not only has five or six year olds in it, but it has kids of all ages in that one classroom.
Main umid karta hun ki jb vo panch cheh vrsh ka ho vh ek aisi kksha mein jae jahan kevl uske umr ke hi sahpathi n hon, balki ek hi kaksha mein har umra ke bachhe hon Shayd yh purane ek kmro ke vidyalo jaisa hai


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