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A boat broker?
夏はよくメイン州でセイリングして 過ごしていたな
I'm a broker.
US Executive
US エグゼクティブ
Executive Producer
Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
Executive, 1200x600 DPI
エグゼクティブ 1200x600 DPI
Executive, 600x600 DPI
エグゼクティブ 600x600 DPI
Bachelor, advertising executive.
ニコルズ 独身 広告会社の重役
Executive Producers Yasuyoshi Tokuma
エグゼクティブプロデューサー 泰義徳間
Executive Producer Yasushi Shiina
Hey 来いよ brother
Executive Producer RYU Jeonghun
製作責任者 リュー チヨンハン
So what I do is I go to the broker, and I say broker, can
IBMの株を空売り出来ますか と言います
You pay 6 to a broker.
うまくいけば それが10年後に当てはまらないですし
He said,forget about the broker.
ブローカーは忘れろ と
This was an executive decision.
I trust his executive ability.
Executive Producer JACKY PANG YIWAH
LEUNG Executive Producer JACKY PANG YI
Chief Executive Producer TOKUMA Yasuyoshi
もりの せい もののけたちだけ もののけたちだけ
You are a future executive!
I'm Nina Sharp, executive director.
ニューヨーク マッシブ ダイナミクス
Executive privilege meaning what exactly?
Anyway, so I go to the broker and I say broker, I would like to short IBM.
IBMを空売りしたいと言います それでは 簡単にする為に
I apologize to if you are broker.
この54行のラインは もしあなたが 家を売る時の
Richards was an assistant to frobisher's broker.
Forget about him.It's not about the broker.
Ηe even acted as the blackmarket broker.
She took over as executive director.
Not talkative, either. Advertising executive, maybe.
広告会社の重役だ 多分
the Executive Branch must be removed.
破壊を避けるためには 政府閣僚を処分しなければなりません
Mark young was a capable executive
マーク ヤングは有能な幹部
Not a shrink an executive counsellor.
Arthur Frobisher's dossier, and his broker, Gary Genow.
フロビシャーと ブローカーのゲイリーの資料だ
But his broker is nowhere to be found.
So once again I go to my broker and I say broker, I want to borrow a share of IBM.
私はIBMの株を借りたいと言います そしてブローカーは良いですよと言い 私は株を手に入れ
I got acquainted with the chief executive.
We also have seven day executive programs.
来月予定しているのは Future Med です
So the executive is called the Directory.
つまり 大統領1人じゃないんだ
There's no overtime at the executive level.
Just what you want in an executive.
She got kicked upstairs to an executive position.
He is an executive in an insurance company.
One must be an executive in some company.
Executive Director of UN Women, and distinguished guests.
ご来賓の皆様 本日 私たちは He For She キャンペーンを立ち上げます
Assistant to the executive in charge of programming.
役員補佐で 編成の仕事
The president is prepared to invoke executive privilege.


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