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A lonely wife.
Osamljena žena.
A lonely tramp.
Osamljen potepuh.
He's a lonely man.
She lived lonely and she died lonely.
Živela je sama in umrla je sama.
The house is lonely, and the park is lonely, and the gardens are lonely.
Hiša je osamljena, in park je osamljena, in vrtovi so osamljeni.
The afternoon... a lonely husband.
To popoldne osamljen mož.
He's a very lonely man.
Zelo osamljen človek.
You're a lonely, miserable man.
Osamljen, zalosten mozak si.
Must be a lonely life.
Kar osamljeno življenje.
Lonely. Lonely men are riding all over this country.
Veliko samotnih jezdecev je tu.
Because I'm a lonely, unhappy man.
Ker sem osamljen, zalosten in nesrecen.
Even a queen may be lonely.
Tudi ona je lahko osamljena.
Tom's lonely.
Tom je osamelý.
Terribly lonely.
Strašno osamljeni.
Lonely? No!
You lonely?
Si osamljena?
Lonely wind.
Osamljeni veter.
Go to a lonely place. But Roger!
Kje sva Lahko sama?
He was such a lonely, old gentleman.
Bil je tako osamljen, stari gospod.
Because you're a miserable, lonely, unhappy, man.
Zalosten, osamljen in nesrecen si.
Sometimes Saturday night has a lonely sound.
Včasih ima sobotna noč samoten zvok.
Don't you get just... a little lonely?
Pa nisi kdaj... malce osamljen?
The Lonely Sky .
Bridgeman, William and Jacqueline Hazard.
The lonely tramp.
Osamljen potepuh.
The lonely husband.
Osamljen mož.
The lonely wife.
Osamljena žena.
I was lonely.
BiIa sem osamljena.
I'll be lonely.
Osamljen bom.
Lonely and secluded?
Je samoten in odmaknjen?
He gets lonely.
Postaja osamljen.
He's lonely, dear.
Osamljen je, draga.
I'm getting lonely.
Dolgčas mi je.
I feel lonely.
Počutim se osamljen.
Lonely people, yes.
Ja, osamljenih.
Because I'm lonely
Ker sem osamljen.
Well, I really am a very lonely man.
Res sem zelo osamljen.
We're fighting a lonely battle, in the dark.
V temi bojujemo zelo osamljeno bitko.
High on a hill was a lonely goatherd Lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo Loud was the voice Of the lonely goatherd
Na gori živel je pastirček mlad, lay odl lay odl lay hee hoo, ki jodlal je neznansko rad, lay odl lay odl loo.
A Lonely Kind of War A Forward Air Controller (Vietnam) .
Harrison, Marshall.
Oh, what a love Oh, what a lovely, lonely man
Kako očarljiv, očarljiv in osamljen moški.
He's such a love He's such a lovely, lonely man
A ta je tako očarljiv, očarljiv in osamljen moški.
Oh, what a love Oh, what a lovely, lonely man
Kako očarljiv, kako očarljiv in osamljen moški.
The girl is lonely.
Dievča je osamelé.
Tom must be lonely.
Tom debe estar solo.
Tea is getting lonely
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